Fishing on the River Moy, June 2013

Many thanks to Bryan Ward, Inland Fisheries Officer, based in Ballina, Co Mayo, who supplied the current report on Fishing on the River Moy for the June period, 2013.


Over 400 salmon for the week on the Moy system, and the peak grilse run is still to come!
June 20th, 2013 | by Bryan Ward
Fresh grilse continue to enter the system daily, with all fisheries now producing good fishing on the Moy. The weekly catch for the system jumped considerably, with well over 400 salmon recorded. The Moy Fishery yielded ten salmon over the week, including a grilse each for Malcolm Cooper, U.K., William Miller and George Emerson, both N.Ireland. John McKinley had one off the Weir Pool on a worm while on the Cathedral Beat John McKinley, N.Ireland, released one caught on fly. There were also catches recorded on the Spring Wells and the Point beats.

The Ballina Salmon Anglers’ water fished very well, with fresh run grilse arriving on each tide the fishery accounted for almost 100 salmon for the week. Mount Falcon, the Attymass and Knockmore waters, Coolcronan, Byrne’s, Armstrong’s and Gannon’s all enjoyed a successful week, with each reporting numerous catches. At Coolcronan, Bob Bell, U.K., had one of 8lbs on a spinner, with Harold Retech, Germany, also landing one of 5lbs on spinner. Upstream at Armstrong’s, Emily Bruen, Germany, landed a nice fish of 10lbs on worm.


The Foxford Fishery and The Foxford Rocks Fishery also recorded catches for the week, while Rinanney produced some very good sport for anglers. The Foxford Town and Foxford Salmon Anglers’ waters also had a good week, while at the Cloongee Fishery, over 40 catches were recorded. Among those to have success at Cloongee were regular French visitors Beatrice Valaize, with one of 9lbs on spinner, Pascal Coulon, who also had one of 9lbs on bubble and fly, Ludovic Coulon caught one of 8 lbs on spinner, while Thierry Colum landed a fine fish of 15.5lbs on spinner.


The East Mayo Anglers’ Association water once again enjoyed a very productive week, where over 60 salmon were recorded. Fish have been caught using all methods, with fresh run grilse moving upstream in all water condition. At East Mayo, John Lefere, France, landed a grilse of 5lbs while spinning, Reto Coutalides, Switzerland, had one of 4lbs on fly, Michael Rouston, N. Ireland, landed one of 6lbs on fly while Alain Lenaff, France had two grilse spinning.


Ludovic-Coulon-8lbs-Cloongee     Pascal-Coulon-9lbs-Cloongee