Weddings by the Downhill House Hotel

Firstly, congratulations to all the recently engaged happy couples and your forthcoming wedding from all here at the Downhill House Hotel – this time will truly be a memory you and your families will cherish forever!  

The time ahead can be one of both joyful and anxious days, filled with planning your dream wedding while ever mindful of the spiraling cost. Here at the Downhill House Hotel, we are very conscious of the ever tightening purse strings across the country due to our current economic climate and the inevitable feeling it can create of “but if I don’t spend more, it won’t look as good”, and we believe that this should simply not be the case.

With thanks to nearly 78 years of experience, we have the expertise to create wedding packages to suit your budget, wishes and dreams while also supporting you both through this unknown territory of white dresses and table settings! We pride ourselves on providing an exquisite experience for all from silver service dining, professional, friendly approachable staff and dressing our venue to suit your unique style no matter the budget. Set on the picturesque banks of the River Brosna, surrounded by beautifully sculptured gardens, the tranquil ambiance is continued throughout the hotel, creating a warm welcoming atmosphere any time of year.

To hear more about our personalised wedding packages, call 096 21033 and arrange to meet with our dedicated wedding coordinator who is available any time through appointment and we can begin to carefully guide you through the exciting times ahead. 


One thought on “Weddings by the Downhill House Hotel

  1. We have now joined bloggers world!!
    Grettings from Downhill House Hotel, Ballina.
    Great things happening here in the hotel this weekend.
    First things first, its the launch of the Ballina Salmon Festival tonight in the Downhill. This fantastic festival is happening in Ballina, (Co Mayo) from the 2nd July to the 11th July, check out;
    Now I have to learn how to keep blogging.

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